How do you know how many filters are in your machine? how to change filter?

The function of the filter: the filter is used to filter water impurities. We all know that distilled water is used in the beauty instrument machine. If it is used for a long time, such as one year, the water will be very dirty and there will be scale .

Compared with IPL machines, Diode laser machines have higher requirements for water quality. If the water flow is extremely low, it means that the water circulation is relatively slow, and the filter must be replaced in time, otherwise, the palladium bars of the diode laser machines will be easily burned. And we all know that new diode laser bar cost is very high, it may account for 25% of the machine price, so don’t underestimate the filter, it is a very important part of accessories.

In particular, our IPL machine has also applied for a filter to protect the xenon lamp, so that there is very clean water around the xenon lamp, and then the lifespan can be guaranteed to be 1 million shots. The IPL lifespan of other manufacturers is only 300,000~500,000 shots. And our warranty life can reach 800,000 shots!


How do you know how many filters are in your machine?

Generally, there are two filters in the vertical machine, one orange and one white. The orange filter is for ionic impurities, and the white filter is for impurities visible to the naked eye. The desktop is a separate case. If the filter is outside the case, there is only one orange filter, if the filter is not outside the case, there are 2 filters.


How to change the filter?

We have You Tube video for your reference.


The first link is for vertical one

the third link is for portable one 1 water filter.

the second link is for portable one 2 water filter,

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