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TEC DIODE is an international R&D medical and beauty equipment manufacturer, committed to providing global customers with high-end customized products and services.

Globally, we have an extensive footprint. Our business spans more than 100 countries. We have 280 employees working across research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.


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  • 7 Big Fan Diode Laser Machines – Say Goodbye to Overheating!

    As a professional factory that updates technology every year, we are proud to introduce our newest design – 7 big fans diode laser machine! We know that good cooling is essential for efficient operation and long-lasting life, so we designed a brand new case that supports higher power, up to a real 1200w! With 7 fans, overheating is no longer a problem!  We all know that the more fans, the better the cooling. That’s why we equip our 1200w diode laser machine with 7 large fans to provide optimal cooling for the laser bar and emit high-energy laser beams with ease. Thanks to the ...

  • IPL+ND YAG+980NM+RF 4 in 1 Multifunction Machine

    Our company proudly provide IPL+ND YAG+980NM+RF 4-in-1 multifunctional machine– the ultimate solution for permanent hair removal, tattoo removal, blood vessel removal and wrinkle removal. One machine with four handles, our product is a game changer in the beauty industry.  Our boss is an engineer and has been working on the innovation and upgrading of machines. Therefore, our factory is the only one in all of China that can provide multifunctional machines with 980nm handles. Other factories can only provide 980nm single function machines, but we are proud to provide 4in1 one. Our products...

  • Why Choose a $5000 CO2 Laser?

    Why Choose a $5000 CO2 Laser? There are many types of lasers on the market today, but CO2 lasers are gaining popularity when it comes to treating skin concerns. Specifically, the fractional CO2 laser is an advanced technology that can help improve the appearance and texture of the skin with minimal downtime. But Co2 laser is big different during the market, 5000usd, 4000usd, or lower than 4000usd, So why settle for a $5,000 CO2 laser? First of all, our lasers use radio frequency metal tubes, 50w tubes imported from the United States, to ensure strong and stable energy. Unlike glass tubing, ...

  • Holiday Sale!

    Holiday Sale!   Here at Stelle Laser factory, we are very excited to announce our big holiday sale! There will be a five-day holiday from this Saturday to next Thursday, total 5 days no work. During the holiday, all our factory machines will have a discount of $200. This means you can save big on our Diode Lasers, IPL, ND YAG Lasers, RF and combinations machines. As professionals with many many years of experience in the field, we are happy to offer these products at a discounted price!    Our Diode Laser 1-in-1 is just one of the products eligible for a discount during the holiday sale. Wi...

  • Multifunctional Portable 2 in 1 Diode laser+ND YAG

    Introducing our remarkable product – the Portable 2 in 1 Diode laser+ND YAG! This machine combines two of the most popular laser technologies to provide you with the ultimate solution for all your skin care needs. Our product is specially designed to help you achieve flawless, youthful-looking skin, and we’re confident that you’ll love the amazing results it provides. Our 2 in 1 Diode laser+ND YAG is a versatile machine that can be used for a wide range of skin treatments. Whether you want to remove unwanted hair, treat acne, or tattoo removal, our product can help. It works by emitt...