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TEC DIODE is an international R&D medical and beauty equipment manufacturer, committed to providing global customers with high-end customized products and services.

Globally, we have an extensive footprint. Our business spans more than 100 countries. We have 280 employees working across research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.


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  • Knowledge of ND YAG Carbon Peeling Beauty Machine

    Suitable people for black-faced dolls Black-faced dolls are suitable for people with rough skin, enlarged pores, excessive skin oil secretion, early stage of acne (acne), and dark yellow complexion. Skin whitening. Lighten spots, improve skin tone, reduce the yellowness and blackness of the skin, rejuvenate the skin, and increase the elasticity and luster of the skin. Delay skin aging. Remove fine wrinkles, reduce real wrinkles, and tighten skin. Improved skin texture. It can tighten and lift the skin, shrink pores, remove blackheads and acne, fade acne marks, control oil and improve oil ...

  • The difference of E-LIGHT and IPL

    As we all know, the handle of E-LIGHT and IPL looks the same entirely, most of customers think they are exactly same. Actually, they have their own features. Today I want to help you break this perception and understand their mysteries. E-LIGHT You can think of E-LIGHT as an equation, which is usually equal to IPI+RF. E-light technology is a perfect combination of light energy and radio frequency energy. The core technology mainly has three points: radio frequency + light energy. It perfectly uses the selective absorption of light energy by the skin to cause the impedance difference betwee...

  • Top 3 advanced intelligent diode laser hair removal device

    The top 3 advanced smart semiconductor laser hair removal devices are worth your time to read. If you are planning to purchase a state-of-the-art diode laser machine, then please take a few minutes to read about it. No matter which supplier you buy from, this knowledge can guide you to a great product. H2: Diode laser device working principle 808nm hair removal device uses the 808nm gold standard laser. The near-infrared light waves emitted by the laser can penetrate deep into the roots of hair follicles, heat the pigments in them and spread them throughout the hai...

  • Why not catch the discount day?

     Today is Qixi Festival, also known as Chinese Valentine’s Day. In honor of this special day, all machines from our factory are being offered at a discounted price of $100! This is a limited time offer, from 22 August to 31 August. Don’t miss it!  Visit our websites:, and to discover our range of high-tech equipment and take advantage of this amazing discount.  At our factory, we pride ourselves on offering cutting-edge technologies that are not only innovative, but also FDA-approved for legal use in the US market. Our di...

  • Non-Invasive Tattoo Removal Solutions: more safe for eyebrow!

     Are you tired of regretting impulsive tattoo decisions you made years ago? Are you putting off tattoo removal for fear of pain and bleeding? Well, worry not, because we have the perfect solution for you – the Non-Invasive Tattoo Removal Machine!  As professionals in beauty machines, we understand our customers’ concerns. That’s why we’ve designed the special tip, it is – our non-invasive tip has a special tip that ensures no blood is involved in the process. For special area, such as eyebrow, and other delicate areas, if still use traditional tattoo removal ...