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TEC DIODE is an international R&D medical and beauty equipment manufacturer, committed to providing global customers with high-end customized products and services.

Globally, we have an extensive footprint. Our business spans more than 100 countries. We have 280 employees working across research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.


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  • Recommend the 3rd generation or the fourth generation?

    The 3rd generation diode laser machine price is higher than the fourth generation diode laser machine price. Of course, the 3rd generation diode laser machine power is higher than the fourth generation diode laser machine power, but i recommend the fourth generation diode laser machine, please check the follow reason: ① LED screen the 3rd generation diode laser machine and the fourth generation diode laser machine both have the LED screen, almost the 3rd generation diode laser machine have, the fourth generation diode laser machine also have, such as the 3rd generation diode laser machine ...

  • The way to find your satisfied Diode laser

    As the fast development of the Medical beauty industry, there are too many sellers to sell beauty machine. How to choose beauty machine become very difficulty for customers.    Today we take the Diode Laser as the example. Same as other kinds beauty machine, the quantity of Diode Laser seller is countless. However how to recognize these sellers and pick the cost-effective Diode laser is an important question. There are some useful tips for you to pick the most suitable Diode Laser. First thing is the quality. The quality always be the first important thing for the customers. Same as other g...

  • Sensitive Skin After Hollywood Glow Laser, One Plastic Surgeon Recommends Quarantine

    New York-based facial plastic surgeon John Kang, MD, performs extensive blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, fat grafting, facelift, thread lift, Botox cosmetics, fillers, and more. But during the state lockdown, he noticed a common theme among his patients: their lack of “service.” “As you know, since the aesthetic side of our clinic is closed due to COVID, patients are not allowed to receive microdermabrasion or facial moisturizing treatments,” he said. “At the same time, patients with sensitive skin will definitely notice that their skin condition worsens due to the frequent wearing ...

  • Bring Considerate After-sale is our TEC Diode Goal

    We are TEC Diode: Using Technology to change People’s life.  TEC Diode is a manufacturer in China who is professional production all kinds of Beauty machines, especially for Diode Laser series. We not only provide high quality machines but provide reliable after-sale for each our customers. The after-sales service work is an important of our marketing and sales work. The quality of service provided will not only influence the company credit, but also closely relate to the safely running of the equipment. In order to maintain the good reputation, we will strictly observe relevant national r...

  • 72 Hours Countdown to $100 Discount!

    Beijing STELLE LASER VERY professional in manufacturing diode laser machines, ND YAG Laser machines, and IPL machines.With all multifunction machine,such as, 4 in 1 Diode Laser+IPL/ E-light+ND YAG+RF,Diode Laser+980nm,etc. US FDA+TUV MEDICAL CE APPROVED! Fast delivery under COVID! Website: The first factory to start combine diode laser handle with other handle, we open the market, because it is hard to combine diode laser handle with other handles, before 2020, only our factory can do diode laser 2in1, diode laser 3in1, diode laser China market...