What are the advantages of RF technology in skin tightening and wrinkle removal?

Radio frequency locates the skin tissue and heats it, causing the subcutaneous collagen to shrink and tighten. At the same time, cooling measures are taken on the skin surface. The dermis layer is heated while the epidermis maintains normal temperature. At this time, 2 reactions will occur:

First, the dermis layer becomes thicker and wrinkles follow.

Second, the subcutaneous collagen is reshaped to produce new collagen, and the skin becomes firmer after one treatment.

1.There are local lesions such as damage and inflammation at the treatment area
2.patients with pacemakers

1.Wrinkle removal and skin tightening
The application of RF in facial rejuvenation such as wrinkle removal is also called” radio wave lift” or “ice wave facelift”. It emit radio waves in to the subcutaneous tissue, causing the natural resistance movement of the subcutaneous tissue to generate heat energy. It uses the principle that the collagen fibers in the dermis will immediately shrink at 55-65℃. The principle of RF facelift has 2 functions: lifting the skin and promoting collagen regeneration. While collagen produces immediate contraction, it also stimulates the dermis to secrete more new collagen fibers to regenerate, thereby once again holding up the skin’s scaffolding and increasing the thickness and density of the dermis, fill wrinkles an improves sagging. The effect of one course of RF wrinkle removal lasts for 2-3 years.

2.Stretch marks
Stretch marks are caused by the bulging of the enlarged uterus after pregnancy. When the elastic fibers of the skin exceed the limit, the elastic fibers break and the rectus abdominis tendon also separates to varying degrees. As a result, pink or purple irregular vertical cracks appeared on the skin of the abdomen.

RF waves can penetrate the barrier of the melanocytes at the base of the epidermis, heating the collagen fibers in the dermis to 55-65℃. The collagen fibers shrink, tightening the skin at the stretch mark area. At the same time, the thermal effect causes collagen to proliferate and the new collagen to rearrange. At the same time, the aging and damaged collagen layer is repaired , thereby reducing the length and width of cord-like stretch marks and achieving the purpose of alleviating stretch marks. It is suitable for stretch marks with less abdominal sagging.

Therefore, RF is a non-invasive treatment method and one of the safest and most effective cosmetic wrinkle removal methods.

Post time: May-17-2024