Knowledge of ND YAG Carbon Peeling Beauty Machine


Suitable people for black-faced dolls

Black-faced dolls are suitable for people with rough skin, enlarged pores, excessive skin oil secretion, early stage of acne (acne), and dark yellow complexion.

Skin whitening. Lighten spots, improve skin tone, reduce the yellowness and blackness of the skin, rejuvenate the skin, and increase the elasticity and luster of the skin.

Delay skin aging. Remove fine wrinkles, reduce real wrinkles, and tighten skin.

Improved skin texture. It can tighten and lift the skin, shrink pores, remove blackheads and acne, fade acne marks, control oil and improve oil secretion. It can prevent acne and treat early acne.

Deep skin cleansing. Although we will not use this method to clean the skin, it is an objective effect that can truly open up the “hair” on our skin, and at the same time promote better absorption of essences and skin care products.

Beauty benefits of black-faced dolls

Whitening and beautiful skin for black-faced dolls: lightens spots, improves skin tone, removes yellowing and darkening, resists aging and rejuvenates skin, and increases skin elasticity and luster.

The black face doll improves skin quality: shrinks pores, tightens and lifts, removes blackheads and acne, fades acne marks, and balances oil secretion.

Black-faced doll delays aging: removes wrinkles and tightens skin, dilutes true wrinkles, and removes fine wrinkles.

Black-faced doll deep cleansing: Let your skin “open up” so that the essence and skin care products you apply on daily basis can be truly absorbed.

Are black-faced dolls effective?

The effect of making a black-faced doll is very obvious. The super nano carbon powder specially configured for black-faced doll treatment can penetrate deeply into the skin. After laser action, it can activate subcutaneous collagen activity in multiple levels and three-dimensionally, and promote the rearrangement of subcutaneous collagen fibers and elastic fibers, thereby effectively It can remove fine lines and expression lines on the face, tighten and lift the facial contours, and can also remove wrinkles and firm skin, dilute true wrinkles, remove small wrinkles and other whitening and rejuvenating effects. During face doll treatment, the face is painted in black After toner, the toner can absorb dirt and cuticles under the skin to whiten the skin, thereby achieving the effect of whitening the skin and removing blackheads, and then uses laser blasting to crush the toner, thereby achieving the ideal skin whitening effect.

How long does it take for black face doll to take effect?

The main purpose of the black face doll is to adjust the skin of the whole face. The skin softening laser currently introduced in China is the second generation model. It has two light waves. The first one uses the light waves of the laser light to produce light and heat, stimulating the skin. The dermis layer of the skin reduces fine lines and achieves skin firming effects.

The second light wave uses a specific long 1064mn light wave. By applying the medical carbon mask on the skin, it uses the concentration of energy to produce a photothermal micro-explosion effect, which can completely remove aging cutin, dirt blocked by sebum in the dermis, and promote collagen. The ability to regenerate protein and elastic fibers can enhance the pore tightening effect, maintain skin tension and elasticity, reduce fine lines, and increase the radiance of the skin without damaging the skin tissue.

Black-faced dolls can generally achieve significant skin beautification effects after just one treatment. Because Black Face Doll is a skin-softening laser beauty method that also includes radio frequency, medical skin care and other methods. After the first treatment, skin wrinkles, spots, enlarged pores and other problems can be significantly improved. In addition, one treatment lasts about 40 minutes. Experts suggest that more than 3 treatments can be more effective based on personal skin type and actual needs.

How long can a black-faced doll last?

Black-faced dolls should be done at least once every other month. The black-faced doll uses optical principles to stimulate subcutaneous collagen regeneration and cell reorganization. The metabolism cycle of the skin is generally 1-2 months, and the interval between two times of black doll treatment should be consistent with the skin metabolism cycle. The black face doll treatment will have the same effect once, but in order to completely remove the pigment on the face, it is necessary to Multiple treatments are required. The specific number of treatments in a course of treatment is related to personal skin type, melanin color, pore size, etc. Most of them require 3-6 treatments. The effect of a black-faced doll can generally last for more than 3 years. While making a black-faced doll, the energy of the laser will stimulate the proliferation of collagen under the skin. This proliferation will last for 2-3 years, so the effect of the black-faced doll on the skin is It can also last for about 3 years.

Post time: Nov-20-2023