Does Co2 machine really work?

CO2 fractional laser, a new generation of laser skin resurfacing system, is equipped with both ultra-pulse and laser scanning output functions, which can quickly and accurately perform various laser procedures, especially suitable for body plastic surgery and facial cosmetic surgery. The machine is equipped with a high-speed graphic scanner, which can scan and output graphics of different shapes, and can provide personalized treatment plans according to different patients’ needs.

Principle of CO2 machine

The principle of action is “focal photothermolysis and stimulation”.

The CO2 laser emits super-pulsed laser light at a wavelength of 10600nm, which is ultimately output in the form of fractions. After acting on the skin, it forms a number of three-dimensional three-dimensional columnar structure of small thermal damage areas, each of which is surrounded by uninjured normal tissues, and its keratinocytes can crawl rapidly, so that it can heal very quickly. It can make collagen fibers and elastic fibers proliferate and rearrange, and make the content of collagen fibers of type I and III return to the normal proportion, so that the pathological tissue structure changes and gradually returns to the normal state.

Scope of treatment

If you do an in-depth skin resurfacing, the CO2 laser plays a role in rejuvenating and lifting the skin, and there is no doubt about the lasting effect for a year.

1. Anti-aging: skin lifting, wrinkle removal, skin resurfacing; photoaging skin improvement.

2. Acne: Acne vulgaris, enlarged pores, seborrheicdermatitis problems.

3. Scars: treatment of depressed and hyperplastic scars.

4. Problematic skin: repair of sensitive skin; treatment of hormone-dependent dermatitis.

5. Auxiliary enhancement product introduction: introduction of certain specific skin efficacy products to increase the therapeutic effect.

6. Treatment of various proliferative skin diseases: age spots, warts, tumors and so on.

7. Hair growth: assist in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.

8. Female vaginal tightening.

Follow-up reaction

Immediately after the CO2 treatment, the treated scanning spot will whiten, which is a sign of epidermal water evaporation and vaporization breakage.

After 5-10 seconds, the client will experience oozing of tissue fluid, slight edema and a slight elevation of the treated area.

After 10-20 seconds, the treated area ofthe skin will be red and swollen with vasodilatation, and the client will feel a continuous burning and heat pain, which will last for about 2 hours and up to about 4 hours.

After 3-4 hours, the skin pigmentation is clearly active and increased, reddish-brown, and tightness appears.

Skin scabs and gradually fall off within 7 days after treatment, some scabs may last up to 10-12 days; the formation of a “gauze cover feeling” layer of thin scabs, in the process of shedding, the skin will be itchy, is a normal phenomenon; thin scabs in thefrontal face, the nose on both sides of the fastest, cheeks on both sides of the ear near the bottom of the jaw is the slowest to fall, the drier the environment, the slower the scabs fall. The dryer the environment, the slower the scabs fall off.

After the scabs fall off, the new, intact epidermis is maintained. However, for a period of time, it is still accompanied by capillary proliferation and expansion, showing a “pink” intolerant appearance; the skin is in a sensitive period, and must be strictly repaired and protected from the sun within 2 months.

After the scabs fall off, the skin as a whole shows firmness, plumpness, fine pores, acne pits and marks become lighter and the pigmentation fades evenly.

Post time: Mar-15-2024