When you meet China Holiday, how to find help for your beauty machine?

This article is about When you meet China Holiday, how to find help for your beauty machine? If you meet a long holiday, if you just wait, it will delay your normal use of the machine. So next, I can tell you how to find help


If you are very anxious to find a help for beauty machine  for example, you need buy a new machine and don’t want to wait for the holiday to end, then you can choose to contact the sales staff, because after the holiday is over, there will definitely be an accumulation of orders, which will delay the delivery time. If you contact the sales staff during the holiday, you can place your order in advance, and your order will be given priority when they return from the holiday.

H2: So how do you find help for beauty machine during China holiday?

H3: You can find this factory’s store on Alibaba

You can find help from alibaba, leave a message with your needs, and get a quick response. Because generally Alibaba will automatically pop up messages. As long as you turn on your phone, you can see Alibaba’s messages.

H3: You can also leave a message to the salesperson on WhatsApp.

During the holidays, the salesperson may turn off the VPN on the phone, resulting in the inability to receive WhatsApp. Why do you turn off the VPN? Because when using the VPN, other software will respond very slowly, so when you don’t need to use WhatsApp, you will turn it off. Generally, the sales staff will log in to Whatsapp in the evening to see if there are any urgent matters that need to be dealt with.

H3: You can also make calls through WhatsApp

because some mobile phones can hear the ringtone of WhatsApp even without VPN.

H3:You can also make international long distance calls.

Under normal circumstances, everyone knows that international long distance calls are relatively expensive. Even if they see the international long distance calls you are making, they will not answer the call and will reject it. Then quickly log in to Whatsapp to check the message.

H3: You can also express your needs through email.

However, some emails do not have reminders, which will lead to invisible situations. If the email does not get a reply, You can also try the above methods again.

If you encounter problems while using the machine, and you have many customers waiting for your treatment, and they have been booked for the next few days, so you cannot wait, then you can contact the sales staff. If It’s a simple question that an experienced salesperson will know how to handle. If it is a complex issue, even during the holidays, the salesperson will try to communicate with the engineer. They will choose to leave a message for the engineer and then wait for several hours. If the engineer does not reply, usually when the salesperson sees that you are really anxious to solve the problem, he will call the engineer to urge you and solve it as soon as possible.

So I hope the above article can help you. Of course, if you encounter any urgent problems, you can also write to me, whatsapp: 0086 15210501998


Post time: Apr-15-2024