What you need to know before laser hair removal

Only by understanding laser hair removal can we choose laser hair removal with more peace of mind. We all hate excessive hair and try our best to remove excess hair on our body. However, many hair removal products will have certain side effects, such as drug hair removal, which will irritate the skin and be harmful to the skin. There is a certain amount of damage. For example, in the past, there will be pain in the hair removal device. Many beauty lovers who want to remove hair love and hate it. Today’s laser hair removal device has no pain, and the hair removal speed is fast. It can permanently remove hair, and the effect is very good.

Laser hair removal surgery must meet two conditions in order to completely remove the hair completely. The first is that the laser must be fully and completely absorbed by the hair follicle tissue; the second is that the laser can pass through the skin and effectively reach the location of the hair follicle.

The quality of laser hair removal is related to the thickness of the hair and the required laser pulse time and hair removal effect. The longer the hair is thicker, the longer the laser action time. Compared with traditional laser hair removal, laser hair removal eliminates skin pigmentation and skin. In the current situation of inflammation, the contact cooling laser head, the sapphire window will stick to the skin during the treatment process, so that the local epidermal temperature is cooled to 5 degrees, which protects the normal skin and improves the curative effect.

So how long does laser hair removal take? For the first treatment, the laser will eliminate all the fine hairs and hair roots during the growth phase. The treatment cycle is calculated according to the growth cycle of the hair. Therefore, the treatment should be separated by 6 weeks (2 months for the treatment of the legs). After 3 to 4 treatments, the hair growth will be checked.

Everyone’s physique is different, and the hair thickness and growth ability are also different, and the effect of hair removal is also different. Therefore, different individuals adopt the same hair removal method. For some sensitive people, they may be able to remove all of them at one time. Go, and other people who are not sensitive, may have to take off many times to achieve some effect. The skin color and hair color are different, and there will be some differences in the treatment. Because the selectivity of laser treatment is particularly strong, it is determined according to the pigment in the skin. That is to say, the hair follicles in different parts are related to the laser. The response to hair removal is different. In the same individual, the hair removal effect of different parts is also different, because the pigments of different parts are also different.

Finally, in terms of equipment, there are certain differences in the effect of different treatment equipment. The laser light source has a great influence on the effect of laser hair removal. That is to say, some instruments with a relatively large laser light source have a The treatment effect will be better than those of instruments with low light intensity.

Post time: Apr-15-2024