What is the principle of RF beauty device?

RF radio frequency technology has been widely used in the medical beauty industry for nearly 20 years. Based on its non-invasiveness and good therapeutic effects, it has been deeply loved by dermatologists and consumers.

What is RF?

Radio frequency is a kind of electromagnetic wave that has energy and penetrating power; radio frequency passes through the epidermis and reaches the dermis. The electromagnetic energy is converted into heat energy, which mildly and controllably burns the dermis and destroys the existing slightly aged collagen in the dermis, thereby stimulating the skin’s repair mechanism and producing new collagen to replace the collagen damaged by heat energy.

The role of radio frequency The biggest role of radio frequency is “anti-aging”, and it is used in facial wrinkle removal, improvement of skin sagging, and improvement of facial contours, etc. Radio frequency can directly heat the dermis without heating the epidermis. When the dermis reaches a relatively high temperature, collagen will proliferate in large quantities and elastic fibers will also shrink. In this way, collagen will slowly fill up, elastic fibers will shrink and become elastic, and the skin will naturally become plump and firm.

Types of RF


The positive and negative poles do not act on the same interface. Energy radiates from the epidermis from top to bottom to the subcutaneous. During the transmission process, the energy is easily lost. When it penetrates into the dermis, the energy is no longer enough to increase the value of collagen in the dermis, so the effect will not be significant. If you want to penetrate deeper into the cortex, you need to significantly increase the power, which will cause greater pain and more likely to cause safety hazards.


Multipolar RF cause radio frequency current to circulate in the electrodes. The variable configuration of the electrodes as transmitters and receivers generates a buffered electric field. Through the ideal setting of the electrodes, the energy can be converted at multiple points, accurately focused, and directed to specific skin tissue levels. Efficiently heats deep skin tissue, with two major effects: instant skin tightening and long-lasting collagen regeneration. In 2-6 months after repair, collagen will gradually increase and reorganize, making sagging and saggy facial skin firmer and improved. , to create a three-dimensional contour.

Features of STELLELASER’s RF

Our RF is a multipolar radio frequency with extremely low energy loss during treatment, so it does not require high power to achieve effective care, minimizing the possibility of burns, and the energy can directly reach specific skin layers (epidermis, dermis) and subcutaneous fat layer) to meet various treatment needs.

It’s a safe and effective and does not require downtime.

Post time: Jan-22-2024