What is the 4 systems in all our machines?

The 4 system is Monitoring system,alarming system,rental system and the treatment recordings saving system,all machines from our factory have the 4 systems


Monitoring system details:

3.7 (1)

Each line detect a specific part in the machine.

S12V: Detection Control Voltage State      

D12V: Detection Control Panel

DOUT: Detection Cooling system           

S24V:  Detection Water pump

L12V: Detection A constant curent source   

For example: If S12V turns yellow, it means voltage has problem , then we will send you a new DC12 power

Each of our machine has been stricktly tested before dispatching to you, but in case there is any problem after many many years using, you can check this interface.

don’t need spend money and time to find professional engineer help you check all spare parts one by one, it is automatically monitoring each spare parts


alarming system details:

3.7 (2)

It including water level, water tempreture, waterflow, speed, water impurities, handle button status  For eaxmple, if the water speed turns red, it means water flow is low,  it need change a new water fitler. And normally, it will alarming about 1 year after.

This system will help you monitor your machine always, if there is any problem about your machine, the machine will alarm.


rental system details:

3.7 (3)

you can rental machines to your client, also can do installment,and don’t need worry not getting the final payment. Because the machine will be locked if you don’t get final payment at the deadline.

For example, if I want to rent your machine for one month, then you can set a password for one month. After 1 month, the password will be invalid and the machine will be locked and cannot be used.And i must get your new password, then i can open the machine. And you can get new password from your computor directly.


treatment recordings saving system details: 

3.7 (4)

It can saving 4000 customer treatment records, very convenient for salon.

For eaxmple, Anna did a hair removal one month ago, when Anna comes again next time, you just find her name is ok, the machine will recording suitable her engergy.

Post time: Mar-07-2022