Top 3 advanced intelligent diode laser hair removal device

The top 3 advanced smart semiconductor laser hair removal devices are worth your time to read. If you are planning to purchase a state-of-the-art diode laser machine, then please take a few minutes to read about it. No matter which supplier you buy from, this knowledge can guide you to a great product.

H2: Diode laser device working principle

808nm hair removal device uses the 808nm gold standard laser. The near-infrared light waves emitted by the laser can penetrate deep into the roots of hair follicles, heat the pigments in them and spread them throughout the hair follicles, which can accurately destroy hair follicles without damaging them. adjacent tissue and permanently remove hair.

755+808+1064nm hair removal device uses a combined band of 755+808+1064nm. The 755nm band has stronger selective absorption characteristics and is very effective for light-colored hair. The 808nm band is effective for all parts of the body and all skin colors. The 1064nm band Hair removal is performed by targeting melanin, so it is targeted for customers with dark skin tones. That is to say, different light waves of 755+808+1064nm act on different depths of hair follicles, and the hair removal range is brighter.

Here, you can choose according to your own needs, instead of blindly following the trend and choosing 755+808+1064. In other words, if you have customers with light hair or dark skin, then 755+808+1064nm is your best choice. If not, then 808nm is enough

H2: Operation interface

H3: operation hair removal device via LED screen

This is one of the top three laser hair removal devices in the world because it is very easy to operate.

The first step is to select the appropriate treatment head size (large head, medium head, or small head), and select the verified treatment head according to the size of the treatment area.

The second step is to insert the treatment head, which only takes 1 second

The third step is that the LED screen can automatically identify whether you have put in a large head, a medium head or a small head.

In the fourth step, there will be a preset parameter, which can be used directly. No technology or experience is required. It can be used directly. It is especially easy for novices.

laser hair removal device

H3: operation hair removal device via machine interface

laser hair removal device 2

The first step is to choose a skin color based on your client’s skin tone

The second step is to choose based on your client’s hair thickness.

The third step is to choose according to the area your client needs to be treated, such as armpit, leg, arm

In the fourth step, you will get a parameter that has been set, and then you can work.

Of course, instead of operating from the interface, we prefer to operate on the LED of the handle, which automatically identifies the treatment head and automatically gives the corresponding parameters, which is simpler and smarter.

H2: Real 1200W V.S. Fake 1200W

Nowadays, most people in the market are more interested in high-power and high-wattage machines, because high-power and high-wattage hair removal effects are better. Therefore, many suppliers will grasp this consumer psychology and falsely promote their own wattage. Please look at the two pictures below, one is a real 1200W, the other is a fake 1200W (real 600W)

laser hair removal device 1200W laser bar
laser hair removal device 600W laser bar

Because these two pictures are of 12 palladium bars, many people will be deceived. But the first picture is 100W/root, 100*12=1200W, this is the real 1200W. But the second picture is 50W/wire, 50*12=600W. So please check the palladium strip to see if it is the real 1200W.

H2: Diode laser machine technical characteristics

laser hair removal device technology characteristics

These are the parameters of our smart hair removal device, 100% real parameters, so the data provided can have videos or pictures as evidence. We also hate false propaganda in the market, so we have been using sincerity for more than 10 years. Connect with customers with sincerity and honesty.

H2:Permanent hair removal device photo

laser hair removal device real photo
laser hair removal device feedback 1
laser hair removal device feedback 3

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