The difference of E-LIGHT and IPL

As we all know, the handle of E-LIGHT and IPL looks the same entirely, most of customers think they are exactly same. Actually, they have their own features. Today I want to help you break this perception and understand their mysteries.


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You can think of E-LIGHT as an equation, which is usually equal to IPI+RF. E-light technology is a perfect combination of light energy and radio frequency energy. The core technology mainly has three points: radio frequency + light energy. It perfectly uses the selective absorption of light energy by the skin to cause the impedance difference between the target tissue and normal skin. When the light energy intensity is low, the absorption of radio frequency energy by the target tissue is enhanced, which greatly reduces the possible side reactions caused by the thermal effect of excessive light energy and increases the customer’s comfort. However, the treatment depth of IPL equipment only reaches 5mm under the skin. Relying on E-light technology, it can now reach 16mm under the skin, greatly increasing the treatment range and greatly increasing the treatment functions.

Features of E-LIGHT compared with IPL

1. Better security.

2.Can remove wrinkles

3. Better effect

4. E-LIGHT can reach 16mm under the skin, but IPL can only reach 4mm under the skin.


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The intense pulsed light of IPL photon hair removal is colored light with a wavelength from 475-1200nm, which combines a variety of therapeutic effects. Hair removal results are longer lasting than traditional hair removal methods. While hair is being removed, the skin can also become relatively better. ipl is the abbreviation of intense pulsed light. Photon hair removal can penetrate the epidermis and be absorbed by the hair follicles in the dermis, generating heat and destroying the hair follicles. Photon hair removal can achieve permanent hair removal. At the same time, it can cause chemical changes in the molecular structure of the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the dermis, promoting the regeneration and rearrangement of skin collagen.

people suitble

1. Congenital hirsutism: hirsutism in normal or abnormal parts caused by genetics, race, and endocrine disorders.

2. Various hirsutisms, etc.: Endocrine disorders cause women to grow thick hair similar to men.

3. Various cosmetic purposes: such as whitening and rejuvenating skin, removing wrinkles, removing various stains, etc.

To sum up, if you need lifting function, E-light is your best choice. IPL has two modes, a fast hair removal and normal hair removal

Post time: Nov-13-2023