Stellelaser-NEW product in 2024

Stellelaser-New product in 2024, it is the real 2400W DIODE LASER machine, stellelaser factory new products are produced every year, constantly improving and striving for perfection in terms of technology, appearance, and user perspective. Therefore, in response to users’ requirements for high wattage and large size, we have made an upgraded version of DIODE LASER, 2400W DIODE LASER.

Stellelaser-NEW product in 2024

New product update heat dissipation
This model back has 7 big fans, which are more conducive to heat dissipation and can better meet the needs of users for long-term work and fully meet the workload of a day. And it will not affect the life of the machine or damage the machine. There is no problem in using this diode laser machine for 8 years.

New product update treatment size
Are you still worried about the treatment time for full body hair removal? The maximum spot size is produced, 25*30mm, which is a very, very large size, making whole body hair removal more efficient and saving time. If your customers complain that the treatment time is too long, it is recommended that you choose this machine with the largest light spot, which can effectively save time, improve work efficiency, and improve customer experience.

New product update screen size
Are you still worried about not being able to see the machine screen clearly from a distance? This screen can be a 12-inch high-definition screen. It is large and clear. You can clearly see the parameters of the machine from a long distance. You can adjust the machine more accurately, save time, and be safer. Moreover, the high-definition screen looks more advanced.

Future of stellelaser
stellelaser produces new products every year. Now it is designing a new IPL handle, which also has a display screen on the IPL handle. It also allows the IPL handle to automatically recognize parameters, making it more intelligent and allowing staff who do not know how to adjust parameters to more accurately adjust the parameters. Convenience. Stellelaser has more than 10 years of experience, all aspects of technology are relatively mature, the products are more stable, and the after-sales rate is particularly low. Welcome to contact our sellers to get more details about new products!

Post time: Apr-28-2024