How do CO2 machines work?

Dot matrix is not a laser, but refers to a working mode of the laser. As long as the diameter of the laser beam(spot) is less than 500μm, and the laser beam is regularly arranged in the shape of a dot matrix, then the laser working mode is a dot matrix.

A CO2 laser is a molecular laser where the main substance is the CO2 molecule. Like other gas lasers, CO2 laser working principle and its excited emission process are more complicated. You can understand it as a laser that is excited from CO2 gas under a special device.

CO2 fractional laser, is the fractional pattern of emission of CO2 laser. With a flashlight, for example, the normal open is a large spot, fractional mode is to put in front of a screen, the large spot pattern has not changed, but was divided into a small spot( the real fractional is not a large beam of cutting, is made when the launch of the fractional). the millimeter and centimeter beams are made into micron-sized micro-beams.

The main target tissue of CO2 fractional laser is water, which happens to be the main component of the skin, and it can make the dermal collagen fibers to be heated to appear contraction and denaturation, and induce the trauma healing response in the dermis, which produces orderly deposition of collagen, and improving the elasticity of the skin, and reduce the scarring.

CO2 fractional laser can instantly heat water in the tissues and vaporize the epidermis and dermis of different depths(scarring) when it acts on the skin. Due to its high peak energy, small thermogenic collateral damage zone, precise vaporization of tissues, light damage to surrounding tissues, the laser would can be healed in 4-7 days, while causing less possibility of complications such as pigmentation or hypopigmentation. At the same time, there are quite a few pigments in our skin epidermis, which will fade away with the peeling of epidermal skin resurfacing. This is also the principle of skin whitening after fractional laser treatment.

Post time: Aug-27-2023