Deposit or full payment? Which method is more beneficial to the buyer?

The benefits of a deposit

1: Keep a low price: Sometimes manufacturers will do some promotion, such as discounts of $100, discounts of $200 and so on. Of course these discounts have an expiration date, so the deposit can be packaged to keep the discount. Then you can get a lower price than normal.

2: Safety:

Because not all manufacturers are as honest as us, many customers thought they bought a diode laser machine, but the machine they received was indeed an IPL machine. Some customers thought they bought 1200W diode laser machine, but received only 500W. There are many examples of these, so a deposit can protect the buyer.  And if you want to learn more details about diode laser machine, please feel free to contact us.

Deposit or full1

You can ask for $200 deposit to produce the machine first, and then pay the balance when the machine is finished.

You can ask the seller to take a video with the logo of your own boot interface, and the SN of the machine itself, so as to ensure that the machine is yours. You can also request a direct video with the seller to check your machine online. After everything is ok, you will pay the balance.

Full benefits

1: You can save time and energy, because you only need to pay once, instead of paying in two installments.

2: For the full price, you can also ask for some free accessories or free gifts, for example, you can apply for a free filter, because we all know that the filter needs to be replaced every year. This saves you from having to buy the filter separately the next year, and you can also avoid paying for the filter’s shipping costs.

But from the buyer’s point of view, especially the first-time buyer, it is still recommended to make a deposit. If you already cooperation with this seller many many time, you can choose full money.

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Post time: Sep-13-2022