Beijing STELLE LASER NEW SHAPE 4th Generation Diode Laser Handle



The 4th Generation Diode Laser Handle we also call it the D handle. 

This is our New shape Diode Laser machine! The forth generation that the D handle is easier,faster,cheaper. It is another perfect option for salons!

Our D handle is very intellegent that LED screen on handle. Basically everything on the machine screen will be displayed on this Handle just like the C handle. It is also convenient to adjust parameter during treatment. It can automatically recognize and match two different size tips.

It has two diffrient spot size:15*15mm, Φ8mm that suitable for different area.It is complete and effective solution for all skin tones, hair types and target areas, as follows:

Face: chin and lips, beard

Body: armpit, arms, leg hair, chest hair, bikini area

Our D handle suport 2000w super high power. It has simultaneous contact cooling system. It is triple wave diode laser:755nm+808nm+1064nm. It supports 24 hours continuous work that is unique part.

Between the two tipos there is magnetic connection,very easy to replace but don’t worry it apart eseaily.

Support teaching video, user manual, ask me anytime.
US FDA+TUV MEDICAL CE APPROVED! 100% real manufacturer!

Post time: Aug-23-2022