980nm laser

As we all know that IPL machine also can remove vascular, but it needs many sessions, and it only fades, not completely removes. Therefore, many customers are not satisfied, so now a new machine has come out, it is 980nm, which is professional for removing red blood filaments, and the obvious effect can be seen on the spot. If you are still troubled by red bloodshot eyes, you might as well try 980nm laser

980nm laser effect

980nm laser working principle

The principle of 980 removing red blood filaments is usually the use of special painless radiofrequency action. It can coagulate the expanded capillaries through photothermal effect within milliseconds to achieve the effect of removing red blood filaments, and the skin will become clean, tidy and beautiful.

980nm laser operation interface

980nm laser interface

This is the operation interface. We can see that it consists of 4 parts.

980nm laser energy

The first one is to control the energy. The energy of 980nm laser is very, very strong, so we recommend starting with 10, and the energy of 10 is already very strong.

pulse width

The second is the pulse width, the unit is ms


The third is frequency, which affects the speed of operation

work time

The fourth is time, which is the continuous working time. The maximum is 30s, which means that the machine can continue to work for 30 seconds, and then the operator needs to release the handle button and press the handle button again to continue working for another 30s. This design is to protect the machine. With this design, it can Work for at least 5 years.

980nm laser treatment range

1) Vascular disease

2) Remove red blood filaments: telangiectasia and cherry-shaped angiomas in various parts of the body;

3) Facial flushing

Operation precautions

Since red blood filaments have two structures: trunk and branches, during the operation, the beautician must first start with the small diseased branch capillaries, and then work on the diseased main capillaries, so as to completely cure the red blood filaments.

Precautions after treatment

980′s removal of red blood filaments will cause certain damage to the skin. During the recovery period, you should not eat seafood and spicy foods. The diet should be mainly light, which is conducive to skin recovery.

how to order 980nm laser?

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Post time: Mar-08-2024