72 Hours Countdown to $100 Discount!

72 Hours Countdown to $100 Discount

Beijing STELLE LASER VERY professional in manufacturing diode laser machines, ND YAG Laser machines, and IPL machines.With all multifunction machine,such as, 4 in 1 Diode Laser+IPL/ E-light+ND YAG+RF,Diode Laser+980nm,etc.


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The first factory to start combine diode laser handle with other handle, we open the market, because it is hard to combine diode laser handle with other handles, before 2020, only our factory can do diode laser 2in1, diode laser 3in1, diode laser 4in1.now China market a few company can do diode laser 2in1, such as diode+ND YAG laser, diode+IPL, BUT THEY CAN’T DO DIODE 3IN1, such as diode+ND YAG laser+IPL, THEY ALSO CAN’T DO DIODE 4IN1 LASER , such as diode+ND YAG laser+e-light+RF. And we can do it about 7~8 years ago, they can only do it in 2020, their machine quality is not stable, machine quality not high, after-sale problem is high, but we already develop many years, now our machine is stable and high quality, no after-sale problem

The first factory to start combine 980nm handle with other handles, we open the new market again!we can do 980nm+diode laser machine, 980nm+ ND YAG laser machine, 980nm+IPL machine, 980nm+diode laser+ND YAG laser machine, 980nm+diode laser+ND YAG laser+IPL machine, others can’t combine 980nm handle to other handles now, only our factory can do it now.

For diode laser handle, we have 4 different handle now, the A handle, it is the most classical one, extra cooling tip, 25*25mm, it is its unique part

the B handle, big spot size 15*30mm, but the extra small tip, 15*10mm, it is its unique part

the C handle, LED screen on handle, basically everything on the machine screen will be displayed on this handle, it is more convenient to adjust parameter during treatment. And C handle has 3 tips, different size,nose tip:Φ8mm; facial tip : 12*15mm;body tip:15*30mm

the D handle, also have LED screen on handle, also have nose tip, but no middle tip. And the D handle is lighter and cheaper than C handle a lot

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