Bring Considerate After-sale is our TEC Diode Goal

Bring Considerate After-sale is our TEC Diode Goal

We are TEC Diode: Using Technology to change People’s life. 

TEC Diode is a manufacturer in China who is professional production all kinds of Beauty machines, especially for Diode Laser series. We not only provide high quality machines but provide reliable after-sale for each our customers.

The after-sales service work is an important of our marketing and sales work. The quality of service provided will not only influence the company credit, but also closely relate to the safely running of the equipment. In order to maintain the good reputation, we will strictly observe relevant national regulation about Product-Quality Law and provide high quality products with the principle of hospitable reception, enthusiastic service, quick response and prompt resolution. We will conscientiously implement the after-sale service work in full-scale and make commitment to our clients as follows:

1.The company of Beijing TEC Diode Technology Co.Ltd takes the quality assurance and lifelong maintenance system for its sold equipment, the guarantee period is 12 months, the calculated date begins since it leave the factory;

2.If the equipment is out of work under the normal using condition, the company of Beijing TEC Diode Technology Co.Ltd identified it as the product itself problem, the company will replace the broken parts free of charge and provide free maintenance service for you within the warranty.

3.Provide the new user with the clinic guide and operation instruction;

4.Provide the lifelong technical instruction and counseling;

5.Instant warranty response, the company will provide the complete solution within 24hrs after the customer take the warranty guarantee and will solve it, the professional engineers were responsible for the maintenance and replacement (not charge in the warranty period) service when the product has the itself problem;

6.All the maintenance expense within the guarantee period shall be borne by Beijing TEC Diode Technology Co.Ltd;

7.The whole machine or parts were damaged beyond the warranty period, the company will charge the part’s cost and service fee after the equipment was repaired or replaced.

It has been our honor to serve this industry. Cheers to all our daring spirits and living souls. Thank you and we look forward to many more wonderful services to you!

Post time: Jan-04-2023