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TEC DIODE is an international R&D medical and beauty equipment manufacturer, committed to providing global customers with high-end customized products and services.

Globally, we have an extensive footprint. Our business spans more than 100 countries. We have 280 employees working across research and development, manufacturing, sales and marketing.


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  • What you need to know about photorejuvenation treatment

    What is photorejuvenation? IPL is an advanced high-tech beauty program that uses a specific broad-spectrum color light to directly irradiate the skin surface. It can penetrate deep into the skin, selectively act on subcutaneous pigments or blood vessels, decompose pigmentation, and close abnormality. At the same time, photons can also stimulate the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen. Therefore, for daily skin care, photorejuvenation is the best choice. What can photorejuvenation do? Intense pulsed light can quickly and effectively decompose facial pigment particles, improve the overal...

  • Stellelaser-NEW product in 2024

    Stellelaser-New product in 2024, it is the real 2400W DIODE LASER machine, stellelaser factory new products are produced every year, constantly improving and striving for perfection in terms of technology, appearance, and user perspective. Therefore, in response to users’ requirements for high wattage and large size, we have made an upgraded version of DIODE LASER, 2400W DIODE LASER. New product update heat dissipation This model back has 7 big fans, which are more conducive to heat dissipation and can better meet the needs of users for long-term work and fully m...

  • When you meet China Holiday, how to find help for your beauty machine?

    This article is about When you meet China Holiday, how to find help for your beauty machine? If you meet a long holiday, if you just wait, it will delay your normal use of the machine. So next, I can tell you how to find help If you are very anxious to find a help for beauty machine  for example, you need buy a new machine and don’t want to wait for the holiday to end, then you can choose to contact the sales staff, because after the holiday is over, there will definitely be an accumulation of orders, which will delay the delivery time. If you contact the sales staff during the holid...

  • What you need to know before laser hair removal

    Only by understanding laser hair removal can we choose laser hair removal with more peace of mind. We all hate excessive hair and try our best to remove excess hair on our body. However, many hair removal products will have certain side effects, such as drug hair removal, which will irritate the skin and be harmful to the skin. There is a certain amount of damage. For example, in the past, there will be pain in the hair removal device. Many beauty lovers who want to remove hair love and hate it. Today’s laser hair removal device has no pain, and the hair removal speed is fast. It can ...

  • How to remove hair scientifically and effectively?

    With the development of technology, there are more and more methods of hair removal. In addition to common methods such as hair removal cream and waxing, there are also laser hair removal, intense pulsed light hair removal, etc. So what is the most scientific and effective way? Classification of hair removal methods Hair removal methods are divided into three categories based on principles: Category 1: Shaving or dissolving part of the hair exposed on the skin surface, such as: razor, hair removal cream; Category 2: Pull out the hair by the roots, such as: tweezers, waxing; Category 3: Use ...